About Us

Porn For $1 is a free website which offers reviews of high quality, premium porn sites which offer trial accounts for 1 dollar or less, including free trials. Ads for these sites can be confusing or misinformative, so our mission is to provide objective, detailed reviews of these offers. That way you can find out exactly what you can expect from these trials, before you actually pay any money. Porn For $1 will also warn you about potential scams and unhonest offers, so you can be sure your money always goes to the right place.

For every site we review we first collect basic informations about the trial offer: price and length of the trial. Then we will describe in detail what can you expect from the trial offer and make sure you know how much of the content can you view, stream or download. Porn for $1 provides separate informations for photo galleries and for videos. We take note of total photos available, avarage photos per gallery, gallery download options and similar features for photos, and total number of videos, average length of the video, quality, streaming option and mobile and tablet access.

According to these qualities of the site we write a review and calculate ratings for each aspect of the offer. Ratings go from 1 to 18 and we calculate them for the tour of the website, general quality of the content, site design, originality of the whole concept of the website and the frequency of the content updates. A the end with sum them and give you a rating on the 100-point scale. All these ratings are unambiguous and clear, so if you are choosing between to similar offers you can easily find out which one is better and more suitable to your needs.

Even though, Porn for $1 is focused on cheap and free trials, we will provide you with the information about other subscription options after your trials ends. These options include paying for monthly subscription, for a few months or for a whole year. In many cases these offers do not stand for one site only, and include bonus sites which we also take in an account. You will also see warnings about suspicious offers and potential bonus payments which are hidden in small check boxes found on the trial registration forms. That way you can be sure that you are paying exactly 1 buck or less for the duration of the trial and that there are no more payments.

Porn for $1 is here to give you the reviews of many different offers, but don't forget that the final decision is on you! We will offer all interesting, good offers for many different categories of porn content such as: Amateur, Big Tits, Ebony, Gay, MILF and Shemale. When you make your decision, make sure you remember when your trial ends, so you can cancel further payments and subscriptions in time, and just pay a buck or less for these amazing porn sites.